Communication Skills & Personality Development

Communication skills and personality development

Question 1   
what are the speech types in the English language ?

There are eight types of part of speech    : 
1) Noun    2) pronoun   3) adjective   4)verb    5)  adverb  6)  priposition   7)conjunction   8) interjection.

Noun :  the word  or word used in the sentence that refer   to the name of the person animal place or things are known as noun .
For example :-  Ram ,table  chair ,Delhi ,girl ,army ,silver etc.
Kinds of noun -   a word that denotes a 
1) common noun :-  class of persons place things  a called noun .
As that :-  river ,City, village, chair ,boy, girl, hill, sea  etc .
2) proper noun :-  name of the particular person place or thing is called proper noun.
As that :-  Mahatma Gandhi Rana Pratap Jaipur Rajasthan iesus christ ,
3) collective noun :-  is that can in a group are collection are called collective noun .
As that :- cattle ,crowd, advance train fieel  ,army .
4) material noun :-  the materials of which things are made are called material noun.
As that :-   gold ,coper, silver, iron, etc .
5) abstract noun :-  things which can't be seen  touched smeit heared or tasted but only can be felt  called  abstract noun .
As that   obedience growth honestly h
Health visitor poverty etc.
Pronoun :  pronoun is a word which is used in place of a noun.
Kinds of pronoun   
1) personal pronoun  2) relative pronounce 3) emphatic pronoun  4) demostative pronoun  5) distributive pronoun  6) identifinite pronoun
7) interrogative pronoun  8) reci procal pronoun  9) reflexive pronoun  10) exclamatory pronoun 
The adjective :-  adjective are the words with quality now na pronoun .
Example cleaver crow good boy 
Clever : 
adjective quanti fiying the noun crow..
Good    adjective quantifying the noun boy.
The verb :- verb is a action word means action word are verb .
As that :- go .come , stop etc .
Kind of verb :- 
1) intransitive verb :- ऐसी क्रियाएं जिनका कोई ऑब्जेक्ट नहीं होता उन्हें इंट्रांसिटिव वर्ब कहते हैं जैसे 
1 he goes 2 Ram wept the dog  barks उपयुक्त वाक्य में gose wepts barks  तथा स्लीपिंग के कोई ऑब्जेक्ट नहीं है
2) transitive verb :- transitive verb  वह क्रिया है जिसके साथ उसका कर्म ऑब्जेक्ट हो जैसे ही read a book .
The adverb :- adverb is a word which modifies a verb adjective adverb prepositions are conjunction.
Example :- he Richard they are easily (verb)
this flower where is very beautiful (adjective)
 he writes quickly (adverb).
The preposition :- a word are place that is used before a noun are pronoun to show place time it's in for 2 and out of our all prepositions.
The conjunction :-  a conjunction joints two word are trace which is used as an examination and interjection  एक ऐसा शब्द है जो वाक्य में डाला जा चुका हो जबकि उसके बिना भी वाक्य अपने में पूर्ण हो इसे पूर्ण वाक्य की आनंद दायक या दुखद प्रतिक्रिया प्रकट करने के लिए प्रयोग किया जाता है जैसे :  
1 oh ! What beautiful scenery
2 hello  ! how are you?

Question 2
give 5 example of a ccountable and uncountable noun ? 

Ccountable nouns :-  countable noun are countable or the name of object people's etc that can be countable as for example book pen Apple boy sister doctor house countable nouns have prural forms such as books pen  boys fathers etc.
Uncountable nouns :-  uncountable nouns are uncountable are the names of things that we cannot count as for example of oil gold beauty sugar eats the uncountable noun manually denote substance matter and abstract things uncountable nouns do not have pruler form as for example we do not say here water milk its. 

Question 3 
what is meant by body language?

Body language can be define aS and those is the  conscious   and uncunsious  movement and postures  by which attitudes and feelings are communicated it is a type of honorable communication in which parts of body substantiate  the works in expressing or converying information such behaving includes facial expression body posture gestures eye mo6 touch and the use of space.
Main communicative body language are :-
Eye contact  expressional body posture getwers eye mo6 touch and the use of space .
Body position
Gesture and movement
Positive body language :- can be defined as those 
Honorable moments and gesture that are comminecating enter 
Enthusiasm and positive reaction to what some else  is saying.
Negative body language :-  is either a conscious or and unconscious expressions of negative feeling through movements of the body of alerted eye contact can be an indicator that  a operations is unwmfortable self conscious are even lying erossed  arms can single defisive or desay reement a forceed  smile can mean in sincerity

Question 4   
what are the basic rules for writing ucovering  letter ? 

Cover letter are page documents that you sent with your resume when applying for your job it is meant to provide additional information on your skill and experience the letter provides detail information on way you are qualified for the job you are applaying for and there for the strong point to  match employees job requirements needs mations in the cover letter.
It plays a big roll animals italia job interview are having your resume overlooking show it makes good since to dedicate the necessary time and effort to writing effective cover  letter.
Is cover letter you right should be cause tomay to include:- 
: which your job applying for include the job later in your opening programs.
: how you learned about the job.
: what are the  relevant responsibilities that makes you suitable for  the  job.
What you have to offer to the employee and way you want to work at this specific company match your skill and experience with the skill and experience is required by job fill in the place your resume cannot describe.
Thank you being consider for the job.
A good c.v is incomplete without a good cover later if you are applying for a job.
It is a formal letter it is advocate your candidate for the post you applied for it should be neaty 
written are typed on a single page.
A few things to take care of :- 
•in the second paragraph write which job you are in right now monitor the responsibility making it relevant to the post you are applying for.

Question 5   
why is time management needed you successful life? 

Time management  :- 
time management the process of planning and cont ruling how much time to spend on specific activities good time to spend on specific activities good time management enables and individual to complete more in a shorter period of time lowers Stress and leads to career sucess.
Benefit of time management :- 
The ability to manage your time management leads to improved efficiency and productivity less stress and more success in life year and some benefits of managing time effectively.
Stress  relief :-   
Making and following a task schedule reduce anxiety  as you check off items on your to do list you can see that you are making tangible progress  this help you avoid feelings stressed out with worroy about whether your getting things done.
More  time :-  good times management give extra time to spending your daily life people who can time  management effectively enjoy having more time to spend on hobbies are other personal pursuits .
More opportunities :- managing time well  to more opportunities and less time washed on trivial activities good time management skill are key qualities that employees look for the ability to prioritize  and schedule work is extramely desirable for any organisation. 
Ability to realize goals :- 
Individuals who practice good time management are able to better achieve goal and objective and do so in a shorter length of time.

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